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Providing Fast, High Quality Testing Solutions 

Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits 

Health Canada Authorized

Enabling businesses and communities with quality, low cost, high volume rapid testing solutions. 

Self Testing Authorized Antigen Test Kits Available Soon

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits

CovClear is authorized in Canada for OTC use at home and other non-laboratory sites. CovClear has CE marking in the European Union for Point-of-Care Use.
Self Testing Device Antigen Rapid Test IO# 330172

CovClear iconSimple to use with rapid results in minutes.

CovClear iconHigh sensitivity and specificity

CovClear iconSafety advantage with sealed vial protecting against live virus.

CovClear iconNo reader or cassette required, reducing cost and waste.

Researched, developed & manufactured in the USA


CovClear is currently NOT available for sale or distribution in the United States.


 The convenience of a rapid antigen test with near the quality of RT-PCR in minutes

With 96% sensitivity compared to a high-sensitivity RT-PCR test,
CovClear is the most clinically sensitive at-home rapid antigen test authorized in Canada at the time of authorization


CovClear Self Testing Rapid Test: 

Health Canada Authorized Self-testing devices – For purchase and use by the general public

Safety Seal cap permanently contains all bio-exposed test components. Can throw used contents in the bin.


Traditional POC Rapid Tests:

Point-of-care testing (POC) devices are used by an approved operator, often a health care professional, in a near-patient environment like a medical office or at the bedside. The patient waits for the results.


CovClear Advantage: 

CovClear is authorized for at-home use in Canada and has received CE marking.

We Air Medical Supply

We Air medical wholesale & supply is a Health Canada authorized medical device supplier and distributor. 

Specializing in providing high-quality medical devices, supplies, instruments, non-medical personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Meeting the complex health needs of business across Canada; with a focus on ECO friendly solutions, we take a “Green” approach in PPE manufacturing and procurement. 

We Air Medical is a Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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